Class: Open

Faction: Camarilla

Disciplines: Fortitude, Obfuscate, Thanatosis

Variants: None

Basic Information:

  • Clan Advantage:
    • May learn Necromancy at out of clan costs without a teacher. Samedi start on the Sepulchre path.
  • Clan Disadvantage:
    • Samedi are repulsive. They cannot initiate social challenges aside from intimidation while their true form is visible.
    • NO Samedi can possess the social traits of Alluring, Gorgeous, or Seductive, and the all have the Negative Social Traits of Repugnant x 3 which cannot be removed

Clan Description: All the members of this Carribean bloodline resemble zombies or corpses. Their bodies are in a constant state of decay and any attempts to integrate into mortal society fail spectacularly. Many are followers of voodoo traditions and worship Baron Samedi directly. Samedi are often tied into occult or illegal activities and are known as expert assassins and mercenaries.

Preferred Embraces: Samedi target those with a penchant for death. They target the smart and the deadly.

Notable Stiffs in Buffalo:

  • Sam Edison, member of the Bullet Club
  • Charlemagne Cadet

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