In-Game Embraces

Embracing a mortal is a magical action. It requires an act of will from the vampire. Because of this, stored blood is not sufficient for an Embrace.

  • Being Embraced In-Game gives a character a free Generation of one higher than the Sire. However, no other new Backgrounds can be purchased. The Embrace may take a full day to take effect, as the character’s body dies and is reanimated by the Curse. Interrupted Embraces will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Characters add 2 Attribute Traits.
  • Characters receive 2 freebie points. These may only be spent on Disciplines, Attributes, Merits & Flaws, and possibly Abilities.
  • Ghoul-only merit and flaw points will be balanced out by Storytellers.
  • Disciplines will transfer smoothly. A newly embraced ghoul receives an additional two disciplines at Basic level in his new In-Clans. The Embrace does not break Blood Bonds.
  • All Numina, Hedge Magic, or other mortal powers cease to function after the Embrace. In addition, Kinfolk or Kithain may not embrace correctly, and a Storyteller should be reminded if you have these types of merits.

When embracing, the Sire makes a simple test. If he loses, the Curse does not transfer correctly, and the new vampire is clanless. The Sire gets one retest for every generation trait. A vampire who is Caitiff has no Clan Advantage or Disadvantage, and may talk to an ST about In-Clan Disciplines upon the Embrace. At ST discretion, it may be more likely that someone may end up clanless.