Daughters of Cacophony

Class: Open

Faction: Camarilla

Disciplines: Fortitude, Melpominee, Presence

Variants: None

Basic Information:

  • Clan Advantage:
    • One free Ability trait of Performance: Singing
    • Either one free trait of High Society influence OR another free trait of Performance
  • Clan Disadvantage:
    • Constant music plays through their minds, therefore, on any perception test, the Daughter suffers a two-trait penalty
    • Can never have more than two perception-related Mental Traits.

Clan Description: Called Sirens or Baritones, the origins of this bloodline are unknown. Believed to be an offshoot of either Toreador or Malkavian, they have the flair of a Toreador with the madness of a Malkavian. Their unique discipline, Melpominee, allows them to enhance emotion through song. Once fiercely independent, they joined the Camarilla under the banner of the Toreador for protection against the Anarch threat.

Preferred Embraces: Musicians and Songsters of any walk of life.

Notable Daughters of Cacophony in Buffalo: None publicly known.

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