How to Write a Background

Up to 30XP may be given for detailed backgrounds for normal PCs. Up to 15XP may be given for detailed backgrounds by restricted PCs.

You can earn an easy 15 XP by simply sending in:

Clan Advantage:
Clan Disadvantage:
Where did you come from?
When were you embraced?
By what sect?
Who is your Sire? Active or deceased?
Why did you come to Buffalo?
What is your place in Buffalo society?

A more detailed background (worth 30 XP) would include some if not all of the following:

  • Mortal life pre-embrace
  • What made you a target for embrace
  • Where and when your character was embraced
  • Any pertinent info about your Sire that relates to your story
  • An accounting of notable events prior to the start of the game
  • What brought your character to Buffalo
  • Any notable mentors, allies, contacts, etc
  • An explanation of your merits and flaws, if applicable (ex: Who’s your mentor? What area are you territorial about?

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