Character Creation

  • Unplayable Clans:
    • Baali
    • FAP Caitiff
  • Restricted Merits/Flaws:
    • Lucky
    • Extra In-Clan (Clan Specific)
    • Nine Lives
    • Gangrel: Mixed Blessings
    • Sanctity
    • Clan-Specific Sorcery except for Giovanni & Tremere
    • True Faith
  • Banned Merits/Flaws:
    • Innate Magical Ability

Starting sheets are per base book. Influences are maxed at 3 for characters new to the city, regardless of clan bonuses. Allowed sources are the revised core book, revised clan books, Dark Epics, Libre de Ghouls, MET Camarilla Guide, and MET Sabbat Guide. All other sources must be approved by STs.

Characters begin play with a free dot of Lore: Kindred, Lore: [Clan], and Lore: [Sect]. Independent characters begin play with two dots of Lore: [Clan] instead of Lore: [Sect].

30 XP will be rewarded for a detailed Character Background for a basic character. See How to Write a Background.

Additional floor XP will be awarded based on length of game play, currently 2 XP per session since January 2015.


  • Characters may begin play with up to 3 points of status at the cost of 1xp per status. Acknowledgement is given for free to all characters from previously Camarilla-held cities/areas.


First Draw is one free boon. Second Draw incurs a minor flaw. Third Draw incurs a major flaw. Draws are distributed as cards that are tradeable between players. Draws are not considered active until they are cashed in with a character sheet.

How To Make a Character Sheet

  • Who Are You, Really? (and Where Are You Going?)
    • Choose a concept
      • Who is your character at the core? What are their goals?
    • Choose a Clan
    • Choose a Nature and Demeanor
      • Your Nature is the core of your being, you can regain Willpower by embracing it.
      • Your Demeanor is the face you show to the world.
        • Available Natures/Demeanors:
          • Architect, Autocrat, Bon vivant, Bravo, Capitalist, Caregiver, Celebrant, Chameleon,  Child, Competitor, Conformist, Conniver, Creep Show, Curmudgeon, Daredevil, Dark Pioneer, Dark Poet, Deviant, Director, Drunk Uncle, Enigma, Eye of the Storm, Gallant, Guru, Judge, Loner, Martyr, Masochist, Monster, Pedagogue, Penitent, Perfectionist, Rebel, Recruiter, Rogue, Sadist, Sociopath, Stalker, Sorority Sister, Survivor, Thrill-Seeker, Torturer, Traditionalist, Trickster, Visionary
      • Choose a Morality Path
  • Attributes (Social, Physical, Mental)
    • Prioritize Attributes (7 in the primary category, 5 in the secondary, and 3 in the tertiary)
    • Choose Traits (per Laws of the Night)
  •  Advantages (Mad Skills, yo)
    • Choose 5 Abilities — these are what you can do
    • Choose 3 dots of starting Disciplines — Vampire superpowers
    • Choose 5 Backgrounds — the resources you can draw upon
    • Choose Merits (optional)
  • Disadvantages (all optional)
    • Choose Negative Traits
    • Choose Flaws
    • Choose a Derangement
  • Last but not Least
    • Assign Blood Traits Based off of Generation
    • Assign Willpower traits
    • Assign Virtue Traits
      • Conscience/Conviction, Self-Control/Instinct, Courage
      • You get seven traits to split among the above categories, plus 1 Courage, 1 Conscience, and 1 Self-Control if applicable.
    • Determine Morality Traits
      • This is the average of your Conscience/Conviction traits plus your Self-Control/Instinct traits, rounded up.
  • Spend 5 Freebie Traits
  • Spend Floor XP
  • Send a Background for more XP!