Class: Heavily Restricted

Faction: Camarilla (via Nosferatu)

Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Mortuus Necromancy (Dark Ages)




Discipline Spread

Harbingers of Skulls Nonexistant Auspex, Fortitude, Necromancy
Lamia Extinct Fortitude, Mortis, Potence
Mla Watu (Laibon) Restricted Auspex, Fortitude, Necromancy

Basic Information:

  • Clan Advantage:
    • Gain one free Trait of Health, University, or Occult Influence
    • Gain an associated Ability trait of Academics, Medicine,  or Occult
  • Clan Disadvantage:
    • Always look like a corpse, which grows more pronounced with age.
    • As a result, they have a one-trait penalty on social challenge when their appearance is visible.

Clan Description: Detached scholars obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of life and death. Unfortunately, when Cappadocious sired Augustus Giovanni, he signed the death-warrant for his whole clan. Aside from the scraps that remain among the Laibon, the clan itself has been utterly destroyed. The Mla Watu are shunned among the Laibon for they not only seek to understand death, but to control it and manipulate the spirits that the Laibon hold sacred.

Notable Cappadocians in Buffalo: No known members.

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