Nickel City Nights is a Camarilla LARP in Buffalo, NY based off of Vampire: the Masquerade’s Mind’s Eye Theater rules. It runs every 4th Friday from 7pm to midnight. Questions can be directed to nickelcitynights@gmail.com.

1493 – The Anarch Revolt is handily crushed by the Camarilla. The Convention of Thorns is a treaty in name only, as the Anarch rebellion stands no chance against the combined Camarilla clans. Clans Tzimisce and Lasombra accept defeat with some provisions – their status in the Camarilla will be upheld as level with the Tremere and Ventrue.

Not all were happy with this treaty. The Anarch rebellion continues to this day, despite the creation of an Anarch Free State in Canada. Anarch terrorists regularly strike against the Camarilla, the latest attack coming in four points – NYC, DC, Boston, and Atlanta. Mass embraces that were beaten and starved until their Beasts broke were let loose on those four cities, causing chaos on par with the Rodney King riots in LA. The combined forces of the Camarilla and the National Guard were not enough to quell the attacks. With the media and social media abuze, Camarilla elders decided it was most prudent to go forth with the Unveiling, a national effort lead by NYC Prince Hollister Gently to reveal the existence of vampires to the world.

While most of the Camarilla’s fighting forces were concentrated on the four major cities, a second wave of attacks rocked the Camarilla. Among the cities hit, Buffalo was one of the few to survive in thanks to Prince Conarazo’s last minute alliance with the Bishop of Buffalo, which tapped the highly trained Hunters of the Southern Tier to fight off the Anarchs.

The Camarilla is in shambles and rumors abound. Are the Assamites going to defect now that the Camarilla has been brought low by the Anarch rebels? Are there spies in the Camarilla who told the Anarchs where and how to strike so effectively? Are the Caitiff plants to spy on Camarilla cities?

Chief on every vampire’s thoughts is one question that trumps all the rumors – What will happen now that the existence of vampires is known?


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